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What trial balance?
To those who are new to this subject, trial balance can be a new subject. It is very important to know what trial balance is if you are new to Finance. Trial balance is a collection of all the ledger accounts that are called general ledgers and are divided in both revenue and capital. They are found in the ledger accounts of business. There in the business you have nominal ledger accounts and the value of the account is calculated.

In the nominal ledger account you have a debit and a credit side where all the assests fall on debit side and all the liabilities fall under credit side. All these are taught with great detail by our expert teachers in Trial Balance Homework help.

Why is trial balance important?
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What are the limitations of trial balance?
Trial Balance Assignment Help is a unique assignment help that will also teach you the limitations of the accounts maintained in a company. The limitations are as follows:

  • Error of original entry is caused when there is wrong amount entered in both the entries.
  • Error of omission is caused when one omits a transaction from the records.
  • Error of reversal is caused when you put amounts of debits in credit column and vice versa.
  • Error of commission is caused when there is problem in one or more entries made.
  • Error of principle is caused when one uses completely a different or wrong amount.
  • Compensating errors is caused when there are more errors caused.
  • Transposition error is caused when there is diversion of two digits from their actual places.

As you know all these errors, it will be easy for one to do the sums correctly by putting right amount in right places.
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