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  • Seebeck effect: It allows in generating current from temperature.
  • Thomson effect: It is an effect which helps the conductor to experience heat or cool.
  • Peltier effect: Such effect allows in transferring current to temperature.

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What is meant by thermoelectric materials?

Thermoelectric assignment help will give you knowledge that such materials can easily produce electricity from temperature variation. This can surely exploit any electrons flow that occurs in heated area and get transfer to a cooler region so that the power source can be developed. From the wasted heat, the power is generated and through our help you can learn about functional analysis of such materials.

Two different types of materials found in thermoelectric power generation:

  1. P-type: It can cause any positive potential in order to develop a cool side.
  2. N-type: It is a material that can surely cause any negative potential which is formed at cold side.

Thermoelectric homework help will make you knowledge that the hot side of these materials gets electrically connected. The voltage that is produced by Seebeck effect can easily create current to flow through load and finally it helps to generate electrical power.

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