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What exactly is a takeover?

With the help of bidding process, when an acquiring company takes a complete control of their target company, that process is known as atakeover. Takeovers are usually done by buying a majority of stakes of that target company. This process can be either hostile or cordial.

Types of takeover

There are mainly 4 types of takeover.

  • Hostile takeovers
  • Friendly or cordial takeovers
  • Backflip takeovers
  • Reverse takeovers

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What are the reasons that cause takeover?

Apart from having a negative connotation, takeover has the same meaning as anacquisition. There are few reasons which become active reasons for takeovers. These reasons are divided into 3 categories.

If stated in a combined form, the reasons are:

  • Concern involving improved financial involvement
  • Improving business development
  • Focus on increasing the interest of company and shareholders
  • Competitive advantages

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  • Advantages of turnovers
  • Disadvantages
  • Risks and rewards associated with it
  • Financing alternatives
  • Strategies involved it
  • Importance of turnovers in takeovers
  • Techniques deterring a hostile takeover
  • Reasons of takeovers being more profitable than mergers

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