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Trial balance is prepared after the end of each accounting period. The purpose is to note down all debit and credit transactions from ledger accounts and calculate if there is any mathematical error in recording them in the first place. Trial balance is considered to be the first step for creating far more important financial charts like balance sheet or trading profit and loss statement. If you are eager then visit us at and get a complete Special features of Trial Balance Assignment Help.

Basic ideas on trial balance:

The first step in understanding trial balance is to learn what it is actually. Trial balance is where all balance of debit and credit sides found from ledger accounts are placed in its own debit and credit sides. That helps in finding out if there is any type of mathematical errors.

From Special features of Trial Balance Homework Help you can get the views that general ledgers are made to record all financial data containing capital to revenues. So when a trial balance record data from those ledger accounts they will hold values found from those nominal accounts accurately. When a trial balance doesn’t match in its debit and credit side then it means their ledger accounts hold wrong entries.

Features of trial balance:

The next step is to get to its special features as found in Special features of Trial Balance Assignment Help.

  • This trial balance will have both credit and debit sides/columns.
  • This is not an account but a statement.
  • It is prepared only after closing a ledger account and placing the debit or credit balance out of them into its own debit or credit side/column.
  • Usually one trial balance is made after the end of accounting period. But any company can do this task early by recording each balancing data from ledger accounts.
  • From Special features of Trial Balance Homework Help you will get the notion that if the balance of its debit and credit columns is not equal then it simply delivers a warning about an error occurring into its original entry in ledger accounts.
  • The trial balance will be agreed by company managers when both debit side and credit side will bear equal values.
  • It is generally considered to be an initial step for creating final accounts like balance sheet and also trading and Profit and loss accounts.

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