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Let us give you a quick overview.

What are short term financial plans?

When a firm wants to meet their financial objectives and goals within a single fiscal or financial year, the planning which is made by them is known as short term financial plans. From startups to established companies, short term financial plans are of extreme importance.

Divisions of short term financial plans

We know that short term financial plans have a vast syllabus. Few of its important divisions include,

  1. Cash cycle

This cycle initiates when you pay for materials or commodities and gets completed on cash collection from cash receivables.

  1. Operating cycle

The duration between inventory arrival and date regarding cash collection from receivables is known as operating cycle.

  1. Strategies to problems related to cash flow and methods to decrease those

Under this, there are 4 divisions which include,

  • Cash reserves
  • Cash budgeting, this is considered as an important tool for short term financial plans
  • Maturity hedging or in simplified term short term costs
  • Reduction in cash cycle time
  1. Sources for short term borrowing
  • Letter of credit
  • Operating loans
  • Banker’s acceptance
  • Commercial paper

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  • What should be the quantity ofdeposits in your bank so that you can pay bills?
  • What should be the range of credit amount that you can extend to your customers?

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