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Want to know more about partnership in accounts?

Well, what is a partnership?

It is an agreement between a couple or more people for financing, operating and taking decisions in a business. Partnerships are entities which are legally separate from individual partners themselves.

Partnerships are simpler to establish, though time is invested in developing all clauses in partnership agreement. Usually, the following rules among all the others are specifically spelled out:

  • Ways of financing of the business.
  • Diving work and responsibilities among partners.
  • What shall happen in the absence of a partner: temporary on case of unfortunate death?
  • What should be done when one or more partners want to dissolve the business?

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It is usually recommended to appoint an impartial but experienced attorney for writing down partnership terms in a business.

Every partner has equal responsibilities and authority to operate a business. He or she should be well aware of all the daily operations and be a part of all management decisions.

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