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What is market research?
The most important thing one has to keep in mind while preparing income statement is that this statement mentions a correct time period where there is cash flow statement. This often joins with the balance sheet.

The people who have studied marketing in the junior levels may have an understanding of what a market research is. But for those students who are studying this for the first time, a market research is conducted to analyze the demands of the consumers in the market and to find out what are the products that a consumer needs and what are the products that a consumer has a liking or a disliking towards. Therefore, in simple language, we can say that a market research is a tool to find out the likes and preference of a consumer in the market.

The methods of a market research:
Our market research homework help team talks about two main methods of conducting a market research that will help the students to understand better the concept:

  • Intensive market research – This is an in depth market research where the individual choices and preferences are given great value and importance

  • Extensive market research – This is a type of research that covers wide geographical areas and considers people in a huge demographic region.

All of it seems so easy, does it not? It is only because our team of Market Research Assignment Help makes it a point to use easy language so that students can understand the concepts faster!

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