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Financial institutes like banks let their customers have special facilities when they create an account with them. These facilities are interesting to older and newer customers equally. Linked accounts Assignment Help will help you understand meaning behind linked accounts that has interconnection between them. In an organization too, in case of bookkeeping, you’ll notice appearance of linked accounts to get detailed measurements on values.Give us a visit at 24x7assignmenthelp.com for learning further.

What is linked account?

Linked accounts are connected by their account numbers. You can notice from Linked accounts Assignment Help that the main account which is linked with is a saving account and the accounts linked are either Now account or checking account.Financial institutes issues such facilities to grab attention of customers. These linked accounts are beneficial in multiple stages. Some clients tend to link accounts exactly for convenience.

Purpose of linked accounts:

Having more than one account sounds difficult enough decision to make. You may think handling it is also very troublesome. But you’ll learn from Linked accounts Homework Help that it has positive factor about them.

  • Since there are clients having large amount to deposit, storing it in one single savings account may be troublesome. If those clients are in use for money right away, accessing the savings account at that very moment and get money may be difficult. This is why with linked account you can create a link between savings account and a NOW or checking account.
  • Linked account helps you store money from savings account to the demand account.
  • You can keep large money in savings and keep the amount required in demand accounts.
  • This way the client is benefited with lower service charge and often they can get free checking.

Important factors of linked account:

There are some other important factors found from Linked accounts Homework Help:

  • Linked accounts are also known as packaged account for their linked category.
  • Balances of both main and branch accounts are recorded in a single statement that is going to show a total report of both accounts.
  • This facility lets a customer have bigger amount of interest rate on the main savings account. Because they are made in a way to be linked.

Linked accounts are basically used in financial institutes to help their customers get special benefits. But this is evidently more useful for those institutes in some ways. They can keep track of accounts in detail with bigger amounts. Although in parts, linked accounts are connected with a single statement. So it helps in calculation.

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