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What is the importance of getting to know about risk and return?

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  • Risk is the chance that actual return from the investment will be different from the expectations.
  • Return is the reward that one gets for investing. Returns can be positive as well as negative depending on the decision. So every finance student must know about these concepts in detail because they are the foundations of the subject of finance.
  • Low risks are linked to low returns and high risks with high returns. So you will come to know about the appropriate investment strategy.
  • There is a tradeoff between the two things.
  • Students will come to know that risk and returns can be of various types and how you can balance the strategy to get maximum profits by minimizing the risk.
  • Calculation criteria for each type of risk and return will vary because there are different types of it. So after understanding the concepts in the right manner you can know which investment will give the highest returns with minimum risk involved.
  • These concepts will help you in understanding the financial strategy of any person and organization in a much better way.
  • After thorough understanding, you will come to know how risks can be allocated to maximize the returns in long run.

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