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What is International Fisher Effect?

International Fisher Effect refers to an economic theory which states an expected alteration in the present rate of exchange between any two currencies in more or less equal to the variation between the nominal rates of interests between the two nations for that specific period. Assumption of Uncovered Interest Parity is another name given to this theory.

As per this theory, the actual rate of interest in a specific economy does not depend on monetary variables. It can be assumed that the actual interest rates are estimated across various nations and a conclusion can also be drawn that the nation that has a lower rate of interest would also have a lower rate of inflation. It will lead to an increase in the actual worth of the currency of the nation over a period of time. At, we strive to make you understand this theory and all related concepts with International Fisher Effect Assignment Help services.

What is its requirement?

This theory is quite important in international finance. It has its basis on the Fisher hypothesis, according to which the actual rates of interest do not have any dependence on financial considerations. If this holds true, a nation having a low nominal rate of interest would have a low rate of inflation and vice versa. In other words, the nation with the high nominal interest rate will have a high rate of inflation.

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