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The systematic method of producing aminimum amount of waste without affecting the productivity in a manufacturing system is known as lean production. However, if asked for a specific definition of Lean, everyone has their own definition. So basically it’s more practical than of theoretical process. Even though being a practical process, you need a lot of planning and processing which we have discussed in our Implementing Lean assignment help. With constant pressure to maximise productivity, the implementation of lean is a meticulous task.

Brief history of Implementing lean

Though the idea was the brainchild of Henry Ford, of the Ford Motor Company. He practically implemented the concept and won accolades for it. Rest Kiichiro Toyoda assessed the situation after World War 2 and revisited Ford’snovel thinking and invented the Toyota Production System.

Steps for Implementing Lean

  1. The first step is to create your plan of action.
  2. Set attainable targets.
  3. Make a point that you will not miss your deadline. Nobody likes when a project misses its deadline. Work on it keeping in mind the impact of finishing it on time.
  4. Do not expect people will accept it openly. Be open to critics. It’s a learning process, so try to influence them with your plan.
  5. Keep all members of your company aware of the progress.
  6. Since it is a continuous process, do try to improvise on it constantly.
  7. There will be times when you will need to slip back and improve but try not to hang up there.

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Lean training

To execute any idea or concept like a well-oiled machinery, the key is training. The participation should be from top to down level. Everybody should feel to be benefitted from the process. The company will emerge stronger, and their current jobs would be more durable. The presentation should include the 5S, elimination of waste, standardised work, levelled production.

What are the 5S?

In the Implementing Lean assignment help, we have provided pointers about it. Let’s discuss in brief here.

  1. Cleaning
  2. Standardization
  • Organizing
  1. Clearing
  2. Discipline and training

These are the basics principles on which the project is supposed to run. These principles can work alone, means with or without lean and gives results for the maximum section of the company in the minimum amount of time. The Implementing Lean homework help has a lot of information regarding it.

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