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ICE stands for Internal Combustion Engine, is a heat engine to produce energy from the combustion of fuels. In a combustion chamber, the fuel is drawn with an oxidizer (mostly air), then it is burnt.This is essential to learn all the concepts and ways of obtaining energy from an internal combustion engine. We are providing ICE homework help to students and make you aware of these facts precisely.

Internal Combustion Engine:

The energy that is supplied by an internal combustion engine is utilized in various ways. It is designed with different mechanical parts that include:

  • Piston:

Piston is the moving component in the cylinder. It maintains all the stages in the combustion chamber or cylinder.

  • Piston rod:

Piston rod joins the piston to meet the crosshead, and this connects the connecting rod to drive the crankshaft.

  • Connecting rod:

The connecting rod connectspiston to the crank that ultimately meets crankshaft.

  • Crankshaft:

Crankshaft converts the reciprocating motion into rotary motion.

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Internal combustion engines are classified as per the number of strokes, and this includes:

  • Two-stroke engine
  • Four-stroke engine

Two-stroke engine:

In two-stroke engines, all the four processes of an engine are covered in two strokes. This exclusively consists of:

  1. Suction and Compression
  2. Power and Exhaust

Four-stroke engine:

In four-stroke engine cycle, the effectiveness of getting power increases and all the four processes complete in four stages:

  1. Suction or intake
  2. Compression
  • Power
  1. Exhaust

Well, ICE is much vast than these topics. Here, you have to study about different cycles, efficiency, durability, rating of fuels, lubrication and pollution parameters.

Rating of fuels:

In an internal combustion engine, mainly two types of fuelsareused, i.e.

  • Petrol
  • Diesel

The rating of fuel defines knocking and detonation characteristics of fuelin burning. To generate power in a closed vessel needs proper protection and adequate elements to achieve. ICE homework help gives students welcomed information of octane number and cetane number.

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