Understanding Histology and Types of Tissues Used in Examination

Histology common name used for the study of microscopic anatomy or microanatomy. It is a part or branch of the subject biology. In this, a student studies about tissues and cells of animals and plants. Any branch of biology is not easy, so students generally seek assistance from professionals. Our histology assignment help delivers to a student necessary knowledge about this so that no obstacles are faced while writing assignments.


What is Histology?

It is a study of the microanatomy of tissues and cells of animals and plants. This is mainly performed by examination of certain tissues and cells which are put under the electron microscope or light microscope. The specimen is cut into thin section with microtome and kept on microscopic slide.


The studies may be done using a tissue culture where live animal or human cells are detached and are kept in an environment which is suitable for storage and is used for various research. Ability of visualizing or identifying structures which are microscopic in nature is often enhanced by using histological stains. Histology is a very important tool of medicine and biology. Histology homework help experts assist in understanding this in detail.


Types of tissues

Basic animal tissue types are nervous, muscles, epithelial and connective tissue. All other types of tissues are just part of these. Those are mainly sub types of these four animal type tissue. Like blood is considered as collective tissue.


Others are:

  • Epithelium is lining of bowels, skin, glands and other organs like lung, liver, and kidney
  • Mesothelium is lining of pericardial and pleural spaces
  • Endothelium is lining of lymphatic vessels
  • Mesenchyme is cells which fill spaces between organs which includes muscles, fat, bone, tendon cells, and cartilage
  • Neurons are conducting cells of nervous system
  • Blood cells are of two types white and red, and this is also found in spleen and lymph
  • Germ cells are also called reproductive cells
  • Stem cells have ability of developing into other cell types


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Plant tissues like microorganisms and fungi can be examined by the process of histology. The structures are different than tissues from animals. Studying plant tissues is also called plant anatomy. And the types are vascular, dermal, meristematic and ground tissue. More information about tissues from both plant and animals can be found on our histology assignment help.


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