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What is funding?

It is a process of offering financial support to anyone who is in need of capital. One can utilise the fund for any program or project.  The word financing also means the same thing. But there is a small difference between the two terms. The word funding is used when a company utilises its internal capital reserves to meet its financial need, while the word financing is used when a company borrows capital from outer sources.

What are the sources of funding available to company?

When we offer funding assignment help, we explain our students the different sources from where a company can collect funds.

  1. A company earns a profit by selling their products for more than their production costs. It is the most common source of fund for any company.
  2. A company can also borrow money from banks or from public by issuing debts.
  3. It can collect fund by selling off its shares to investors. This process of fundraising is also called equity funding.

What do students learn in this chapter?

  • Sources of fund
  • Comparison between a short term and long term fund
  • Purpose of funding
  • Methods of funding
  • Things to be considered while taking funds

Funding homework help to describe various source types to collect funds are:

  1. Crowdfunding

In this process, a business organisation takes a small amount of capital from different affluent people, generally through the internet. Such funding process optimises your network with your friends, family members and colleagues to attract new investors.

  1. Angel investors

In this case, rich individuals provide money against an equity share in the business. Some investors

  • Venture Capital

There are some investors who invest a considerable sum of money against equity in the business and get back the money when the business goes public, or some other company acquires it. Such investors are called venture capitalists. These investors only invest in those businesses which have the possibility of providing good returns on their investment.

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