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Biotechnology is a technology on the basis of biology. It harnesses bio molecular and cellular process for developing technologies and goods that will assist in improving our lives and our planet’s health. We have used this to make useful food like cheese and bread or preservation of dairy products. Our manual as food and beverage biotechnology assignment help expands this in a detailed account.


What is food and beverage biotechnology?

Biotechnology is used in production and processing of food. For thousands of years, the process of fermentation is in existence, and this is used for producing beer, wine, and bread. This process is a form of biotechnology. Selective breeding of foods like rice, wheat, corn has created local varieties, and their yield improved when compared with their ancestors.


Production of beverage now can use various features of biotechnology belonging to first and second generation. To know more about this, you can ask for our food and beverage biotechnology assignment help.


Advantages of this process

The number of advantages of using this method is uncountable. So only a few of them are given below, and the rest can be found at our food and beverage biotechnology homework help.


  • Insect resistance

Genetically engineered crops are not vulnerable to insects or pests. So this helps in reducing pesticides and other chemicals used on plants. So it is safer and has no dangerous chemicals in it.


  • Larger production

Genetically engineered crops are easier to grow as they are able to resist pests more than normal crops. So greater amount of foods or crops is easier for a farmer to grow.


  • Stronger crops

Genetically modified plants can withstand extreme weather. So there is always a good yield even if the conditions are not favorable.


  • Protection of environment

This kind of crops helps in protecting the environment as it requires fewer tools and chemicals which help in reducing soil erosion, greenhouse gases, etc.


  • Extra crop protection

This technology does not let the crop get damage easily so that it can be preserved and used efficiently.


Other points of this technology


  • Allergic reaction

These genetically modified plants can cause an allergic reaction to people as it adds protein which might not suit a person. So the choice of food becomes less.


  • Biodiversity level lowers

This is a major issue to look out for. If the organisms in an ecosystem are harmed, then there will be lower level biodiversity. Some genetic crops can be harmful to animals which can lead to their extinction.


Other than these certain other disadvantages are unusual taste, gene spilling, cross-pollination, economic concerns, etc.  To know more our food and beverage biotechnology homework help experts provide the best knowledge. The best option for taking help

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