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Concept of permanent or long-term capital

By permanent capital, we mean the minimum working capital which is essential to produce the pre-determined production of an organization. This long term working capital can be stored in the form of finished goods, raw materials, work in process, etc. This is kept for having the daily operation of a firm without any interruption.

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Difficulties leading toworking capital homework help

We have noticed that students often face various difficulties while solving an assignment based on financing of permanent capital. These problems are-

  1. Trouble in understanding the principles of permanent working capital
  2. Confusion between temporary working capital and long-term working capital
  3. Inability to calculate the permanent capital there are no specific formulas
  4. Difficulty in understanding the fluctuations

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Types of permanent or long-term capital

The long term working capital of a finance organization can be divided into two types-

  1. Regular Working Capital which is essential for the regular business activities of a company.
  2. Reserve Working Capital is the working capital which needs to be kept more than that of regular working capital so that it can help during unanticipated situations.

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