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Induction Motors are machines which are reliable and dependable. They find a special place in homes and at industries

Though these machines are easy to operate and handle, studying about them is not. Their models of operations are complex and have a non-linear functionality.

These factors make it very tedious for Engineers to control induction motors, and hence an algorithm, known as Field Oriented Controller or Vector Control makes things easy for them

Why Field Oriented Controller Method?

Scalar and Vector Control methods are the two prominent algorithms that we know of. Scalar uses V/Hz method, as a result of which oscillations are produced by Induction motors on torque created.

To achieve enhanced performance, Physicists decided to eliminate the generation of torque in AC Induction motors. They also wanted to negate the impact of magnetic flux, and hence Flux Oriented Control or Filed Oriented Control was devised.

Challenges Faced while Studying Field Oriented Controller

A lot of students face a lot of problems related to the study of Field Oriented Controller. Most of the problems are faced in solving mathematical equations, and hence students often seek Field Oriented Controller assignment help online.

Clear the Concepts First

If you want Field Oriented Controller homework help, then it is extremely necessary that you understand few basics related to this subject, as the assignments will be full of questions related to the classification.

  • FOC can be classified into two types Direct and Indirect FOC.
  • In a Direct FOC, the vector is quantified using a flux sensor placed between the air guts or by utilising the Voltage numeric values
  • In an Indirect FOC, the vector is measured using equations which needs a rotor speed measurement
  • Indirect FOC is usually preferred as it can be operated at various speeds without facing any glitch.


  • FOC has various benefits like:
  • The torque response improves considerably
  • Torque can be controlled at low speed and low frequencies
  • Accurate dynamic Speed
  • A huge dip in the consumption of power
  • Overload capabilities get enhanced.

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