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Federal Reserve System means the banking methodology of the United States of America.

History of Federal Reserve System

  • It came into existence in 1913, on December 23rd
  • Federal Reserve System was a controlling method after the great financial panic of 1907
  • After the Great Depression of 1930s, its roles, responsibilities and sphere of influence increased manifold

Objectives of Federal Reserve System:

The primary objectives of Federal Reserve System are:

  1. Generation of employment
  2. Controlling inflation &
  3. Controlling rate of interest

With advent of time, Federal Reserve System also regulates and controls banks operating in America and dealing with American finances.

The Set Up of FRS

It consists of a Board of Governors and this board is selected by the President of USA.  These Board members control and keep a strict eye on the overall functioning of the finance system, and if required take up necessary steps to make changes in the policies.

Federal Reserve System also has a Federal Open Market Committee. The sole purpose of this committee is to suggest inputs in the areas of market policies. The suggestions are based on the present day challenges.

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Significance of Federal Reserve System

Federal Reserve System is of great global significance.

The importance can be gauged from the fact that in 2007, when USA headed towards an economic slowdown, the world was literally pushed into recession.

  • If the business of one nation spills on to another, we can no longer ignore the repercussions. Since USA is a hub of commerce, being a capitalist economy, the regulator clearly demarcates the boundaries
  • Federal Reserve System is responsible for allocation and distribution of most widely accepted international currency, the USD. It has to ensure that the currency is not available easily, and there is no acute shortage either
  • FRS also controls, to an extent, the business interests of its country, USA. This is done by periodically reviewing the on-going measures and practices. The policies are mostly inclined to create a favourable environment for business.

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