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Family wise Error rate means studying and probably eliminating errors or flaws related to any economic hypothesis. The hypothesis is tested by various methods.

Familywise Error Rate & its Importance

  • Familywise Error Rate is a critical aspect of Economics.
  • Its primary function is to eliminate errors or flaws in economical calculations
  • Familywise Error is also known as Type I error
  • If the output value is equal to zero, then the hypothesis is considered to be error free
  • It removes the room for any misinterpretation

Terms Associated with Familywise Error Rate

There are various terms associated with Familywise error rate, and understanding of these of these terms is extremely necessary if you want to crack economical calculations.

  1. FDR- False Discovery Rate-this calculation is required to reduce the number of false projections in a hypothesis
  2. FWER- Familywise Error Rate
  3. Bonferroni Method

Bonferroni Method & its Interpretation

  • Bonferroni method is quite useful in studying Familywise Rate Error. It is used to compare different hypothesis.
  • Bonferroni method controls the Familywise Error Rate by choosing to apply the closing features
  • It is useful and quite practical when the subsections of a hypothesis are also involved
  • Bonferroni method proves that hypothesis can rejected when it tries to manipulate Familywise error, and that the subdivisions depend on Familywise errors to a great extent
  • In case of rejection of Familywise error, the null hypothesis does not get rejected eventually.
  • Elemental hypothesis stays intact is intersectional hypothesis is not rejected.

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While Studying Familywise Error Rate, Focus on These Aspects

Whether you study of your own or opt for Familywise Error rate homework help online, you need to consider the following facts:

  • It eventually gives you the probability or likelihood of rejecting a null and void hypothesis
  • Familywise Error Rate represents the likelihood of a statistical variation in any hypothesis
  • Test values or T values have to be compared to a distribution of scores
  • Critical values only exist within a specified range
  • Selecting too many arbitrary values can lead to a contradictory situation
  • Sidak correction is a reliable way of calculating corrections, and is represented by

1−(1−α)^(1/n), where α is alpha and n is number of corrections made

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