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Economics is easily one of the most studied subjects in the entire world. Of course, many students get through various career options with this subject. Some of the parts of this subject are though confusing for them.

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What are externalities?

Often an economy creates things. But unfortunately or fortunately, it affects some of the most unrelated things. These are in fact consequences that affect these third parties. These consequences are no doubt externalities.

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There are various types of externalities. These are mostly segregated in positive and negative externalities.

Types of externalities with examples:

The positive externalities are the consequences that do good to the third parties, while the negative ones are just contrasting by nature.Unfortunately, the number of negatives exceeds the positive consequences.

The following are though the various types of externalities that one must be aware of:

Production externalities:

Few externalities often start while producing goods. These also end in a similar scenario. This is exactly what leads to the production externalities. One can easily understand more with the best externalities assignment help.


  • Negative: A company produces nuclear power. The surrounding vegetation production suffers.
  • Positive: A firm trains some very competent staffs. When they decide to leave, their training helps the other company as well.

Mixed externalities:

Here the externalities arise during production. And unfortunately, it ends during consumption.

  • Example: Positive: A themed restaurant chooses its décor carefully. People consuming its services feel good about it.
  • Negative: A cracker seller sells his goods to children. But unfortunately, these crackers create air pollution when burst.

Consumption externalities:

Here, of course, the externalities rise as well as ends during consumption only.


  • Negative: A teacher teaches a class. But not all students are attentive. Some decide to shout, laugh and talk amidst the class. This unfortunately affects the rest. They cannot get through with the best knowledge.
  • Positive: You decide to vaccinate your child. This stops him from spreading germs to other children as well.

This concept is quite bigger. With better externalities assignment help students will understand more of course.

Mixed externalities:

This is when the externalities rise amidst consumption. But then again it ends amidst production.


  • Negative: A manager gets drunk at a party. He, thus, misses an important meeting the next day that in fact affects the productivity of a company.
  • Positive: A trainee decides to learn more about the company in his break. This in fact lets him help others in their work as well.

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