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The world is changing pretty fast. Along with it is emerging various firms as well. All these firms need great managers. And this is exactly why management seems to be one of the most favourite subjects for the students.

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What are the extended enterprises?

Before understanding what extended enterprise management is, one must at least know what an extended enterprise is. Usually, there are multiple firms in the market. If some of these loosely decide to tie up.

Then they start working together to provide some form of service to the market. This is then known as the extended enterprise system. One of these firms is the OEM or the original equipment manufacturer.

The rest provide a lot of support to this particular organisation without a doubt.

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An example: Supposedly there is a coffee vending machine company. They supply their coffee machines in all the corporate offices. But then again they are also responsible for the coffee beans, the milk and sugar as well.Also, they are only responsible for the operators operating these machines.

So they decide to tie up with other companies. They tie up with a sugar company for constant sugar supply. They also tie up with small milk companies. Also, they have to have a team of logistics for constant deliveries.

This company will have a staff management company as well. All in all, the various companies decide to tie up with this company, making it an extended enterprise.

What is extended enterprise management?

Though there are multiple companies working together, yet, a particular management must be responsible for all. This management must ensure proper operations and regulations that will keep all these companies together and continue working.

This management will also be responsible for proper liaison as well. This management is, of course, the extended enterprise management. With proper extended enterprise management assignment help, students will understand this much clearer.

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