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Here, do a brief handshake with the topic. We are going to describe basic properties, types, and laws for electrical circuits.

What do you mean by an Electrical circuit?

The electrical circuit is a device or combination of some elements that provides a pathway for electric current to flow. In a circuit, the current starts flowing from a source with the high potential to a point of low potential. The electrical current flow is actually a flow of electrons.

The significant parts of the electrical circuit are:

  • Source of electricity (batteries and generators)
  • Controlling device (switch, circuit breakers, Potentiometers etc.)
  • Protection device (Fuse wires, Switch gear, and Protective gear system )
  • Load
  • Transmission path

Fundamental properties

  • A circuit is a pathway that is closed to both ends and works as a source of electrons.
  • The current flows from negative terminal to positive terminal.
  • Resistors, capacitors, inductors – they all comprise an uncontrolled and controlled source of energy.

Now, check out the types-

  1. Open Circuits

If the flow of current is interrupted, then it is an open circuit. As an example, you may think of the action of a fuse wire. When the wire melts, the circuit breaks, and then the flow of electricity stops.

  1. Closed Circuits

These are of normal types with no discontinuity of current flow. Based on the structure, we can include Series and parallel circuits in this section. In Series connection, more than one resistance is connected with each other serially. In Parallel connection, the current divides into two or more paths before completing the path.

Electrical Circuits Assignment Help also narrates all essential laws related to it. You’ll know about Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s current and voltage law, Norton’s theorem etc. from us.

Thus, you can understand that circuits are one of the most important elements in Electrical Engineering assignments.

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