Electric Potential Made Easy with a Conceptualized Knowledge

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Introduction to electric potential

Electric potential is also known as electric field potential and sometimes also referred as electrostatic potential of the point charge. Physically it can be defined as the quantity of potential energy (here we are talking about electric potential) a point must be having located at any place or point in space equal to the work which have to be done by any external force in order to carry this point charge that is positive point charge from the point it is located in space to any chosen reference point in space (infinity position) without creating any acceleration in charge.

Unit of electric potential

Electric potential is a scalar quantity as defined in accordance to electromagnetic theory and is denoted by ‘V’.The value of electric potential of any charge is anywhere in space is its potential energy divided by the amount of charge of the particle.Unit of electric potential is joule while unit of quantity of charge is given by coulombs.

Circuit existence of Electric Potential

A battery powered electric circuit will always have both high potential and low potential. The electric potential of charge moving within wires of circuit will change as and when it moves. This results in establishment of an electric field between the positive terminal and negative terminal. As a positive test charge moves around the terminal, it leads to a Coulomb increase in potential energy.

Electric Potential Difference

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The difference of electric potential between initial and final locations of a charge on changing its potential energy is termed as electric potential difference. The SI unit of this is also V. The roll of a cell is to supply energy and    pump charge from a positive terminal to a negative terminal. Electric Potential Difference is the capability of this cell to maintain the energy to a charge across the two terminals.

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