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Importance of the Effect of Capital Rationing

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  • Capital rationing relates to the various restrictions that are imposed by the company on the amount dedicated towards new investments or new projects. So this concept is of immense importance for finance students.
  • The effect of capital rationing is that there can be shortage of capital to finance the various future projects. Thus the company will allocate its resources only for those decisions which are of very vital importance to it and will turn out to be more profitable as compared to others.
  • It will affect the bottom line of the company and it will also determine what amount company will set aside for dividends to the shareholders.
  • There can be two types of capital rationing that is hard and soft.
  • Generally, it is seen in capital rationing that company imposes a lot of restrictions on its various types of expenditures to get the desired rate of return as decided by management policies.
  • It can lead to various advantages like it can provide a proper budget for various activities, it will avoid the wastage of money, will help in getting higher returns, and it can really provide stability to the company if planning is done in a proper way.

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