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About Economic Integration

Economic integration refers to an agreement made between different regions, aiming at increasing the trade between the regions participating in the agreement by reducing and ultimately eliminating the tariff and non-tariff restrictions put on them. This fundamentally decreases the cost for both the producers and consumers thus leading to a flourish of trade. We, Economic Integration Assignment Help not only cover these basic terms but even more.

Economic integration has many levels, namely, the free trade areas (FTA), preferential trade agreement (PTA), common markets and economic and monitory unions. Economic Integration plays a pivotal role in establishing an economic and political coordination between its member regions.

In case of free trade area, the member countries eliminate all trade barriers and custom duties between them. However these member countries follow a common structure of custom duties when dealing with other non-member countries. This is where custom union differs from FTA. In case of custom union, the member countries follow individual custom schedules while dealing with the non-member countries.

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