Know the Significance of Economic Growth with Economic Growth Assignment Help

Explanation or definition of Economic Growth

Inflation – accustomed market value is considered as the Economic growth. In other words, you can say that economic value indicates the increase of cost of a service or commodity in a period. Comparison to another Gross Domestic Product that is GDP or Gross National Product that is GNP per capita is usually used as the technique to measure a country’s economic growth.

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Factors determining GDP growth

There are a lot of factors that that helps in identifying and setting the GDP growth. These factors are listed below –

  • Productivity or output.
  • An hour worked or intensity.
  • Demographic changes.

The before mentioned are the main and major factors, rather than these some other factors have a high impact on the GDP growth of a country and these aspects are –

  • Property rights, political institutions, and rules of law.
  • Sector share and growth phases.
  • New services and products.

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Theories and models

There are various mention able theories and models those can be defined or explain the concepts of financial development of a country. Though they all have the diverse point of view, yet they all are important and famous. The models are listed below –

  • The big push.
  • Solow – Swan model.
  • Schumpeterian growth.
  • Endogenous growth theory.
  • Classical growth theory.
  • Unified growth theory.
  • Institutions and growth.
  • Human capital and growth.
  • Energy consumption and growth.

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Significance of it

There is great significance behind a country’s economic growth, and all these notable aspects are listed below –

  • It can easily improve the style of living.
  • It can decrease poverty level.
  • It may help people in getting jobs as it improves the employment rates.
  • Improvement in productivity is also noticed.
  • It also helps in improving the literacy rate.

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