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What do you understand by the term ‘Dividend Policy’?

It is a set of guidelines which a company uses to decide how much part of its profits will be given to the shareholders as dividend. There are three foremost approaches to dividends-

  • Residual
  • Stability
  • Hybrid

Residual dividend policy-

To finance any new project, company will depend upon its internally generated funds is called residual dividend policy. This means dividend payments can be done by the leftover fund after all project capital requirements are done. The model of residual dividend method is based on three approaches-

  • Investment opportunity schedule
  • Cost of external capital
  • Target capital structure.

Dividend stability policy-

With this policy investor’s uncertainty reduces and provides them income. Quarterly dividends are fixed at a fraction of yearly earnings.

Hybrid dividend policy-

The combination of above policies is called hybrid dividend policy. Companies use this approach to view the debt equity ratio as a long term goal. This policy is commonly used by the companies.

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What is dividend decision?

The distribution of dividend is concerned with the dividend policy. Dividend decision is very important as it determines the division of earnings between payments to shareholders and retained earnings. Factors which influence this decision are-

  • Free cash flow
  • Clients of dividends
  • Signaling of information

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Forms of Dividend-

  • Scrip dividend
  • Cash dividend
  • Bond dividend
  • Optional dividend
  • Property dividend

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Important models which supports dividend-

  • Walter’s model
  • Gordon’s model

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Dividend policy depends upon two things-

  • Investment opportunities available to the company.
  • Amount of internally reserved and generated funds which uses for dividend distribution.

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