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What is the importance of discrete distributions?

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  • A discrete distribution has the property that there is limited number of possible observations. So it is different from continuous distribution that deals with infinite possibilities for outcome.
  • Thus here the statistical or you can say the probabilistic features of the values are considered which are observable and pre-defined.
  • Apart from the field of mathematics this concept is also used in statistics and computer based programming.
  • It involves studying about Binomial distribution and Poisson distribution.
  • Here students will also get to know about the areas like random variables, probability, different theories and comprehensive analysis.
  • Thus you can also call it as discrete probability distributions because it defines probabilities associated with discrete variables.
  • This topic can be a little difficult for the students to understand on their own. It involves a lot of things like meaning, theories, types, applications, uses in different fields, diagrammatic analysis and explanations, understanding numerical problems and finding solutions and various other things.

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