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Importance of the Topic Discrete Cosine Transform

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  • Discrete cosine transform is also known by the name DCT is used for expressing a finite sequence which is associated with data points. This is done by the method of considering sum of cosine functions which are considered to be having an oscillation at different frequencies.
  • DCT application has various uses especially in the fields associated with engineering. It helps in easily compressing audio and images to spectral methods. Thus it provides numerical solutions related to differential equations which are partial in nature.
  • Here the use of cosine functions is very important because it helps in approximation of a typical signal.
  • In DCT only real numbers are used and you can also call it as Fourier related transform.
  • The type-II DCT is the most common variant that you will find in this category.
  • There are a lot of things covered in this topic like the meaning, applications, overview, types, inverse transforms, multidimensional DCTs, computation process, various examples etc.
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