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Let us know more about Data Transmission

Data transmission is that portion of physics, which deals with broadcasting information from one medium to another. The transferred data can be digital facts. This part of physics as a subject requires thorough understanding and clear knowledge of this subject. The facts are represented as electromagnetic signal that are microwave, infrared signal, electrical voltage or radio wave.

The subject covers all the following topics

  1. Layer 1- Physical Layer
  • Channel coding – constitutes of line coding, digital modulation and forward error alteration
  • Multiplexing
  • Channel models
  • Bit synchronization
  • Equalization
  1. Layer 2- Data connection Layer
  • Flow control
  • Channel access systems, media access manage
  • Error detection and (ARQ) ‘automatic repeat request’
  • Frame synchronization and packet form communication
  1. Layer 6- Presentation layer
  • Cryptography
  • Source coding

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Difficulties faced by students in Data Transmission

Data Transmission homework help becomes a necessity for all those students who are having problems in understanding basics of the matter. Many students are likely to face problems in-

  • Connection
  • Saturation
  • Understanding the layers
  • Transmitting data

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