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The buying behaviour of a customer goes a long way in helping brands to sense the market. How a product is going to do in a specific niche depends on how it is aimed at satisfying the target audience. Customer behaviour is crucial and it depends on a large number of factors that make buyers to indulge in a buying spree or to refrain from it!

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What is customer behaviour?

To put it simply, a buyer or a consumer is the one who puts his money for purchasing a product or a service available in a niche. The willingness to buy depends on one’s preference, need and budget. Consumer behaviour deals with the various phases that a customer goes through before finally purchasing a product.

Reasons why a single buyer purchases a product?

  • He needs it as a part of his daily life
  • His social status compels himto purchase that product
  • He has a gifting purpose in mind

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Establishing the connection between customer behaviour and product

We can say that in individual defers from buying a product when there is no need, he has a budget constraint and his taste did not match with the availability in a niche. The buying decision varies as there are psychological, economic, social and many more factors that determine consumer behavior.

Special occasions speed up the buying process like anniversary, birthdays, festivities and the like. People look for information and in that hunt, the consumer’s buying behavior depends on messages, ads, promotional offers and this phase is called selective exposure. The consumer gets allured with hot deals and offers that he is excited to know and such behavior is called selective attention. The ad or the promo message allures him to the core, he ends up buying a product as the most meaning message embosses on his mind. Such behaviour is called selective retention.

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