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What is crowding out?

Crowding out is a name given to those situations where investment, services and commodities are consumed by a business and is highly reduced by the increase in government spending.

What are the impacting situations when higher government spends on aggregate demands?

There are mainly 2 situations whose impact brings a change.  Those are:

  1. Increase in borrowings

In this case, when the government has to augment its borrowings, it is from private sector they have to borrow.

  1. Increase in taxes

An increase in taxes like corporation tax, income tax etc. will decrease discretionary income of organizations and customers.

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Increase and decrease terminology regarding government spending in private sector

It has been seen that when government increases the spending from public sector, that decreases the amount which private sectors can spend.  This is because of the 2 scenarios, i.e., increase in borrowings and in tax.

Types of crowding out

There are mainly 2 divisions in which crowding out are divided.

  • Resource crowding out
  • Financial crowding out

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