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What are the various theories of Crisis Communication?

The various theories are as follows –

  • Image repair theory
  • Covariation-based approach to crisis communication
  • Situational crisis communication theory
  • Social-mediated crisis communication (SMCC) model
  • Integrated crisis mapping (ICM) model

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What are the different categories of Crisis Management?

There are three different categories and these are as follows-

  • Pre-crisis –

The study in management that explains about how to prepare a proper plan before crisis occurs in a company.

  • Crisis –

The study that explains about the position of crisis and the way of its solution is known as crisis management study.

  • Post Crisis –

This part of study deals with the condition that explains about the stage after crisis in a company. How to solve the problems in a proper way is very important for you to know about.

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What are the important parts or the stages of Crisis Communication management?

There are some important stages in which Crisis management focuses to recover the condition and these are –

  • Different models to understand the theory of Crisis management
  • Different types of communication tactics related to crisis management
  • Post crisis, pre crisis and In-crisis communication tactics come under this category.
  • Crisis communication dilemma

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