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Types of Cost Management Tools

Here are the lists of different kinds of cost management tools according to the expert Cost Management Tools homework help.

  • Cost Aggregation is the individual values that combined in various methods for budgeting purpose. It evens the deliverable, summary activity, work package or other categorization levels.
  • Reserve analysis is the reserves are cost buffers or time in the development budget or schedule to aid the project respond or counters to uncertainties. This tool monitors these buffers and uses, reduces and eliminates them according to the existing situation.
  • Expert judgment or opinion stood upon the knowledge and experience of the experts regarding the project. It is used to evaluate and assess the information and inputs the experts contain.
  • The historical relationship is the uniqueness of the past and the present development that can be employed for developing models that help in budgeting.

Rather than these tools other tools are –

  • Funding limit reconciliation
  • Cost performance baseline
  • Project funding baseline

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