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What is Corporate Valuation?

Corporate valuation or business valuation means finding out the ‘economic worth’ of a company. It is based on external environment and business model and reinforced with reasons and evidences. It depends upon-

  • Purpose of valuation
  • Stage of business
  • Historical financials
  • Predictable financial results
  • Industry scenario

Methods of valuation-

There are some approaches to Valuation which can be used-

  1. Discounted free cash flow method
  2. Net asset value method
  3. Relative valuation
  4. Comparable Transactions Multiple method
  5. Investment method

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About Discounted Free Cash Flow Method-

Any of the two methods can be used in discounted free cash flow method-

  • Measuring the discounted cash flow to the firm.
  • Measuring the discounted cash flow to equity.

There are few steps which are involved in finding free cash flow to the firm and to equity.

To find discounted cash flow to the firm-

  • Arrive at EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes)
  • Deduct the tax from earnings and get profit after taxes
  • Add back the non-cash items
  • Deduct the capital expenditures and increase in working capital
  • Add terminal value and get free cash flow to firm

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