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When firm earns a profit from its operation, tax levy on such profit is known as Corporate Tax. In the profits when expenses are deducted including depreciation, tax rates are applied and paid to the government.

Deductions of Corporate tax

There are certain deductions which are allowed to be subtracted for the purpose of calculating corporate tax. For example-

  • Taxable income can be reduced to certain extent which is definite and obligatory business expenditure.
  • The expenses which are currently required for the business are fully tax deductible.
  • Purchase of real estate and investments for the purpose of earning income for the business are also tax deductible.

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Concept of double taxation

It is an issue which is related to corporate taxation. Double taxation can be defined as tax charged twice in same amount. This can be explained by an example, say if a company paid tax on its earnings which is taxable and the dividends which a company distributes to its shareholders are taxed again as shareholder’s individual income.

Solution to this problem

There is a key to resolve this concern. A company must register as ‘S corporation’ to avoid such double taxation. To know more about the procedure and assistance in assignments, contact us to get Corporate Taxation assignment help. We also provide 24×7 chat services for Corporate Taxation homework help.

Advantages of Corporate Taxation

Instead of paying individual income tax, it is beneficial for the business owners to pay corporate tax. Some advantages are-

  • Corporate tax returns provide many additional benefits.
  • When a corporation is paying corporate tax, it is easy to deduct losses. Sole proprietors have to show evidence for the losses but it is not the case with corporations who pays corporate tax.
  • Paying corporate tax brings many future tax benefits as well.

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