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What is core benefit product?

A core benefit product for a company is termed as the product that is directly related to the core competencies of the company. A consumer buying a core benefit product is relatively better benefitted and serves as the best problem solving product as compared to others.

Three levels of product

There are three levels of products in general terms:

  • Core product: Core part of the product is focused to serve the best benefit to the customer.
  • Actual product: It refers to the tangible element focusing on the quality and design of the product
  • Augmented product: It is considered as the part of measures taken to help the customers provide the best actual product results.

Examples of Core benefit products:

The core benefit products are the first products that provide the platform for the new and other products to sustain better performance and profitability in the market. Best examples of core benefit products are:

  • Windows operating system for Microsoft
  • Google search for Google
  • Macintosh for Apple Inc.

Such products are categorized as the core benefit product that helped in realizing the actual and augmented products on the later stage.

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