Learn About Consumer Price Index to Know More about Inflation

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Consumer Price Index: A brief description on it

It is a statistical process in which prices of various items (especially consumable goods) are collected in order to measure the inflation. There are sub-indices & Sub sub-indices of items to measure the overall index. Finally, the annual percentage of consumer price index is calculated to determine inflation.

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Types of data for consumer price index

There are mainly two types of data, which are used for calculating consumer price index.

  • Price data:

In this, the data is collected from samples of services and goods in outlets. Following services and goods are considered under Price data:-

  1. Food and beverages
  2. Education and communication
  3. Apparel
  4. Housing
  5. Medical care
  6. Transportation
  7. Recreation
  8. Other related goods and services
  • Weighing data:

In this, the estimates of shares of different types of expenses out of the total expenditure.

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Consumer price index is also calculated based on the regions. It differs based on regions as living standard of rural and urban places also differs. In United States, it is calculated in following four different regions:-

  • North-east
  • Mod-west
  • South
  • West

The categorization is different in metro region:

  • Chicago-gary-Kenosha
  • Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County
  • New York-Northern NJ-Long Island

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