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Confidence interval (CI) is a Statistics related term. It is a kind of procedure that estimates population. This rate of recurrence of an observed interval is stated as the confidence level. Our Confidence Intervals for the Mean Assignment Help experts affirm that there are two conditions to be fulfilled for calculating the mean. They are,

  • The sampling manner should be plain and arbitrary.
  • The sampling distribution should be more or less regular.

When you want to work with a quantitative variable (Height, Age etc.) and you have to find out the population mean, then this technique is used.

Problem faced by Students

CI is completely statistics and calculation oriented. Students have to apply a couple of formulae while solving sample problems. It can be a bit difficult for them, as there are some sectional divisions. So, conceptual clarity is what they must acquire.

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Now, let’s check out the steps to find out CI for the mean.

  • First, you have to find out a sample statistic which you’ll use for the approximation of mean.
  • Then, choose a confidence level, which describes the improbability of the sample. You can choose any percentage of the level.
  • After that, calculate the margin of error.
  • Finally, denote CI range by “sample statistic ± margin of error