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Where is CAM used?

CAM is used in various areas like:

  • It refers to the use of computer in performing in various manufacturing plants.
  • They are used in various transportation, storage and in planning management houses.

Why is CAM used?

  • CAM is widely used to create a very fast production.
  • Fast production of components and tools.
  • It aims to bring material consistency.
  • It is able to minimize the waste by using only the necessary amount of raw material.
  • As a result it aims to reduce energy consumption successfully.

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What are the main areas of concern of CAM?

The main areas of concern of CAM are as follows:

  • Multi- function machine
  • 5 axis machining
  • High speed machining
  • Streamlining of tool paths
  • Recognition of features and machining
  • Automation of machining process
  • How to use it easily

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