Coherent Risk Measure Assignment Help: Fundamentals to High Grades

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Coherent risk measure: briefly explained concept

There are different types of risks associated with a company when they do business. In financial economics, with the help of coherent risk measure, one can understand what those risks are and what should be the appropriate measures to be taken. If it is stated in financial term, coherent risk measure is a type of function which satisfies various properties like,

  • Sub-additivity
  • Translational invariance
  • Monotonicity
  • Homogeneity

Coherent risk measure is depicted with aϱ sign.

Various properties of coherent risk measure

  • Positive homogeneity
  • Sub-additivity
  • Normalized
  • Convex risk measures
  • Translation invariance
  • Convexity
  • Monotonicity

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Different instances of coherent risk measure

Through our academic help service, you will come to know about the various instances of coherent risk measure. Few of them are as follows:

  • Value at risk
  • Entropic value at risk
  • PH risk measure (Proportional Hazard)
  • G-Entropic risk measures
  • Tail value at risk
  • Average value at risk
  • Superhedging price
  • The Wang risk measure
  • Entropic risk measure

Attributes explained by coherent risk measure assignment help service

The main attribute of coherent risk measure is its functionality to analyze the collective risk in a business and to break it down. This breakdown ensures these things,

  • How risks are generated
  • Association of such risks with volatility exposure
  • Percentage of risk from the market direction

Problems solved by

When the topic is related to coherent risk measures, major and minor issues are bound to arise while executing its homework. In coherent risk measure homework help service, you will find the precise solution with correct equations and solved numericles. Few of this topic’s problem prone areas are:

  • Various proposals for risk measures
  • Representation theorem
  • Proposition
  • Methods of theorem construction and probability measures

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