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Importance of understanding the concept of Classification of Preference Shares

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  • Preference shares are those shares that provide some special rights and priorities to its holders, so it is very necessary that finance and accounting students should know about them in detail.
  • The dividend on preference shares is fixed and it is paid to the equity shareholders.
  • During winding up of the company preference share holders get priority while settlement but they don’t get the right to vote.
  • Classification of preference shares can be done into various types like cumulative and non cumulative preference shares, participating and non participating preference shares, convertible and non convertible preference shares, redeemable and irredeemable preference shares.
  • The nature of each type of preference shares is different and therefore it is very important for the students to understand it in depth and know what returns will they fetch.
  • It will also help the students in understanding that which preference shares are the best choices for making investment decisions.

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