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The word “chemistry” derives from the word “alchemy”. It is the branch of science dealing with the composition of the substance, their properties, structures and reactions they perform with other substances. It is sometimes regarded as “the central science” as it is linked up with other areas of science; like biology, physics, and geology.

This stream of science explains the physical and chemical change that happens in nature. We learn the structure of a matter from the atomic level, usage of it; to be exact, we know more about our surroundings.

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Why the study of Chemistry is important?

It is up to you what you will opt for your higher studies. But, in our day to day life, basic knowledge and whereabouts are needed for our own usage. Like, knowing about acid, base, and salt; solutions; common reaction mechanisms, environmental and industrial chemistry can be mentioned. So, you should know the basic traits of this subject from school level.

Sections of Chemistry

Our academic experts have elaborately described the several sections in Chemistry Help Tutors Assignment Help. Have a look.

There are three main topics of Chemistry; they are

  1. Physical
  2. Inorganic
  3. Organic
  • Physical – It includes

  1. Atomic theory – Study of the structure of atoms, atomic theories and explanations given by different scientists, definition of atomic weight and molecular weight, mass and valency
  2. Solution – Different types of solutions, difference between them, rules related to them and their usage
  3. Gas Laws – properties of gasses, Boyle’s Law, Charles’ Law, Concept of Absolute Zero and Absolute temperature, Real and Ideal gas equation
  4. Periodic Table – Characteristics of different elements
  5. Chemical Bonding – Formation of Electrovalent, Covalent and Coordinate Covalent Compound, bonds
  • Inorganic – It contains

  1. Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Oxygen, Sulphur and their important compounds
  2. Making and usage of these compounds
  3. Industrial Chemistry – Idea about the industrial production of compounds, Process of extracting metals and usage
  4. Environmental Chemistry – Atmosphere, Environmental science, pollution
  • Organic – It includes

  1. Basic properties – Catenation, Functional group, Isomerism
  2. IUPAC names
  3. Aliphatic and Aromatic Compounds

These are some of the basic elements. With the theory part, experiments are also important in chemistry. You can have all such detail explanation in your assignments also if you seek for Chemistry Help Tutors Assignment Help from us.

How to solve Chemistry Homework problems step-by-step?

The best way of learning is to practice. Comprehensive knowledge about the symbols, equations, reactions and chemical terminologies is required to gain expertise. Mathematical calculations, use of models and diagrams are also important for this subject.

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