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A chemical reaction is a process leading to transformation of one set of substances to another. Chemical substances are a form of matter that has constant composition and characteristic properties. These cannot be separated into components by physical separation method with their bonds intact.

So what does it actually mean?

Chemical reaction is the change that takes place on the interaction of molecules. The atoms have basic bonds which break leading to formation of new molecules. Bonds are shared relationships between electrons in an atom.


The key points regarding this are: –

  1. Chemical changes are necessary

When hydrogen and nitrogen is mixed, it leads to ammonia. Such changes are good and are a result of creation of a new molecule on the changing of bonds.

  1. All inclusive or separate

This process can happen with anything. It could include ions, compounds, atoms or molecules in a single element.

  1. Chain effect

Single reactions are always part of a large series of them. There are several intermediary reactions in creation of a final human useful product. Many bonds are created and destroyed in the process for chemical reaction.

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Rate of Change

They occur no matter the external influence and environment. These happen over and over, however, never at the same speed. This speed is referred to as rate. There are several terms to defining the characteristics of rate. These terms are self-explanatory and are: –

  • Forward rate

Forward reaction rate

  • Reverse rate

Reverse reaction rate

  • Net rate

Difference between forward and reverse rate

  • Average rate

Speed from start to finish

  • Instantaneous rate

Speed at any given moment

There are various factors affecting this rate. Some of them are: –

  1. Temperature

Molecules tend to bounce around a lot on raising temperature. This leads to them having more energy and tremendously increases chances of collision.

  1. Concentration

When there is more substance in a system, chances of collision are more speeding up the rate of reaction and vice versa.

  1. Pressure

On increasing the pressure, the molecules tend to have less space to move around. The increase in density increases the no. of collisions. However, this works only in the case of gases. Also, pressure is negatively related to concentration and volume.

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