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What are Cash and Cash Equivalents?

  • It refers to the line item on the balance sheet which reports the worth of aorganization’s possessions.
  • The assets can be cash or can be transformed into cash directly.
  • It includes Treasury bills, bank accounts, commercial paper, marketable securities and short-term government bonds.
  • It is a group of assets possessed by a business.
  • All the cash and cash counterparts must be the current possessions.

About cash:

  • It is money in the form of currency.
  • It includes all bills, coins and currency notes.

What is Cash equivalent?

  • Cash equivalents are investments that can readily be converted into cash.
  • This investment must be short-term.
  • Cash equivalents should be highly liquid or can be easily sold on the market.

Cash and Cash Equivalents homework help teaches the students that; there are five types of cash equivalents. The types are:

  • Treasury Bills:

Referred to as T-bills. These are issued to the company, and the firm lends the government money. These are provided in denominations.

  • Commercial Papers:

Commercial papers are used by companies to receive funds. Usually, they are supported by issuing banks or companies to pay the amount before the due date.

  • Marketable Securities:

These are financial assets and instruments that can easily be converted into cash. Marketable securities are liquid.

  • Money Market Funds:

It provides an efficient and effective tool for companies and organisations to manage their money.

  • Short-Term Government Bonds:

These are provided by governments to fund government projects.

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