Carrying Cost: Its Definition and Assignment Help

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What are Carrying costs?

  • These are the cost of holding the inventory.
  • It includes maintenance, specifically regarding perishable items, and storage costs.
  • It comprises of insurance and less tangible expenses such as opportunity costs and losses resulting from theft.
  • It is also sometimes referred as inventory cost.
  • It is the cost accrued, over a period of time, by holding and storing inventory.
  • It is used by businesses to evaluate the level of profit.

The carrying cost is comprised of the expenses to hold inventory. The various carrying costs of inventory are as follows:

  • Interest of foregone funds financed in inventory
  • Losses due to obsolete inventory
  • Losses due to damaged inventory
  • Losses due to stolen inventory
  • Insurance on the warehouse area
  • Depreciation on the warehouse and the storage systems within it
  • Compensation and benefits for those employees charged with operating the warehouse area
  • Cost of the pallets and other containers used to store inventory
  • Cost of warehouse fire suppression systems
  • Cost of utilities for the warehouse
  • Taxes on the value of the inventory

The percentage of carrying cost includes a number of different costs.

  • Employee costs
  • taxes
  • insurance
  • depreciation
  • Opportunity costs.

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Decreasing Carrying Costs

Business owners can decrease the amount spent on carrying costs. The volume of inventory being stored can be limited and the amount of time the inventory spends in storage can also be limited. Having an efficient and cost-effective warehouse design and utilising correct storage techniques keeps carrying costs down.

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