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What is carrier wave?

  • A carrier wave is a waveform that is modulated with an input signal.
  • The purpose is to convey information.
  • Carrier waves usually have a much higher frequency.
  • The carrier is usually used to communicate the info.

Carrier waves homework help teaches us that:

The primary reason for using high-frequency carrier waves for sending information is to reduce smaller antenna designs. The formula of the length of the antenna is Length= wavelength/4. So, a high frequency carrier can significantly reduce the length of antenna.

The formulae for modulation using carrier waves are:

  • Equation 1. m(t) = Am cos (2*pi*fm*t).
  • Equation 2. C(t) = Ac cos (2*pi*fc*t). It represents that the carrier wave is just another sinusoidal wave function.
  • Equation 3. S(t) = Ac [1 + Ka*m(t)] cos (2*pi*fc*t). It represents the standard form of the modulated wave by the method of amplitude modulation.
  • Equation 4. a(t) = Ac | 1 + Ka*m(t) |.

Leakage of carrier waves:

  • Carrier leakage is the interference which caused by cross-talk.
  • It exists as an unmodulated sine wave within the bandwidth.

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