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What is CAPM?

  • The full form is capital asset pricing model.
  • It is used to calculate the required rate of return.
  • It is applicable for risky assets only.
  • This model describes the relationship between risk and expected return.

CAPM: Pricing Assets assignment help from shows how the model was first introduced:

It was introduced due to two types of risks of individual investment;

  • Systematic Risk:

These type of market risks cannot be avoided. Systematic risks occur in Interest rates, recessions and wars.

  • Unsystematic Risks:

These risks are related to individual investment and can be diversified. It is not related to market moves.

Capital Asset Pricing Model is the only way to mitigate the effects of the systematic risks.

The Formula of CAPM:

Required Return = Risk Free Rate + (Market Return – Risk Free Rate)*Beta

As explains the concept through CAPM: Pricing Assets homework help, Beta is the only relevant measure of stock’s risk.

What CAPM means to the students?

  • A simple model that explains a theory that delivers a simple result.
  • The theory explains reason an investor should earn more, by investing in one stock rather than another is that one stock is riskier.
  • The model is still used widely in the investment community.

Why the CAPM matters?

  • It is used to determine the fair price of an investment.
  • The calculated rate can be used to discount the investment’s future cash flows.
  • The investment’s fair value can be calculated.

The assumptions made for the CAPM are:

  • Investors seek return tempered by risk.
  • Investors can borrow and lend at the risk-free rate.
  • No market frictions are present such as transactions costs, taxes, or restriction short-selling.
  • No riskless arbitrage profit opportunities.
  • Investors agree on the number that is important in pricing assets.
  • There are no costs for a transaction.
  • There is no tax.
  • The investor’s activities cannot influence market prices.
  • The quantities of all financial assets are given and fixed.

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