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A view of capital structure
Capital structure is related to the subject of finance and it refers to the way an organization finances the assets in its possession through different combinations of debt, equity or securities of hybrid nature. The capital structure exists in two parts, in the real world and in a market which is perfect. The structure of the perfect market differs from that of the real world since a perfect market is one obtained from the theories. A perfect market does not exist as no market in this world is a perfect one. A perfect market implies a market with neither a transaction cost nor a bankruptcy cost. The rate of interest is the same for all, be it an individual or a firm.

On the other end, the real world capital structure is full of imperfections and irrelevant when compared to the perfect structure. Relaxation in assumptions has given rise to the practicality of the capital structure and it is far different from the theoretical perfect capital structure. All the theories and calculations will be less complex with our Capital Structure Homework Help.

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