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What is the difference between business combinations and consolidations?

Before explaining the difference, students need to understand two major definitions

  • Acquirer: The corporate obtaining the control of another business
  • Acquire: A corporate sacrificing the control of his/her business to the control of the other corporate

Under business combinations statement, the financial statements and operations are combined but financial results are shown differently for each subsidiary as a standalone company separated from their parent company or acquirer.

Business consolidations, on the other hand, has a stated financial statement of the parent company (acquirer) along with its subsidiaries (acquire). The balance sheets, income statement and cash flow of the subsidiaries are consolidated with the parental company.

The combinations and consolidations are different in nature because of the involvement if financial statement in each category. Under business combinations, the subsidiaries can operate and stated financially on the individual basis which is a nonexistence policy under consolidations

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